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Solid Ranking TOP2 golden Akaija Fixed price for sale

Solid golden Akaija


Solid golden Akaija

Material: solid 18 ct, 14 ct and 8 ct gold (14 and 18 carat are hallmarked)

The Akaija is a powerful healing tool, in the shape of a jewel.

The coming into existence of the Akaija is nothing less than a miracle.
You can read download an extensive description from our website www.akaija.com.

Working of the Akaija
The Akaija works like a two-way-hatch for energies.
She connects your own energy-system to the cosmic energy field.
So your body system and the universal system can exchange energies.
Compare this with a small stagnant lake filled with stale water. It is suddenly connected to the open sea through a wide channel. The tidal flow enters the lake. Then all the dirt is washed out in no time. Your energy system (the lake) becomes harmonized, cleaned, strengthened, balanced and it starts to resonate with the tidal flows. Your aura, your personal colours brighten. They wake up.
This is what happens once to touch or wear an Akaija.
You may then notice that old physical and emotional wounds or scars blocking this energy are re-activated and being cleared.

Protection against electromagnetic fields
The working of the Akaija as a means to protect against electromagnetic radiation has been scientifically investigated with commonly used hospital equipment, testing the heart rate variability under various circumstances. As a result the Akaija has been granted a certificate by the international Association for Electro-smog Research (IGEF).

Fundamental principle of the Akaija
The Akaija re-members you, that you have never lost connection to All-That-Is.
We are one and always have been one. Separateness is just an illusion.
The Akaija symbolizes Oneness, brings this energy into your system.
Her working is based on re-activating and re-energizing your connection with All, with the Universe, with Creation itself.
It’s this energy that is at work when you wear an Akaija. All reactions as mentioned below are a result on this energy spreading through your system.
The Akaija can also be effective for animals.

- I feel stronger.
- I feel much better, calmer.
- The Akaija gives me a feeling of well being and being in-balance.
- Fewer moods swings.
- Two different German sheep dogs were healed from incontinence problems.
- I sleep like a rock and I have more energy.
- My horse is much friendlier to strange people.
- People react nicer to me.
- Two different mother cats in stressful situations started taking care of their kittens again.
- Less bothered by cold hands and feet.
- Notwithstanding the chaotic situation in my new job, I keep very calm.
- My electron-spin-inversion is now completely gone.
- The Akaija makes me feel very tired (people are close to a burn-out, they may react like this).
- My extreme monthly female complaints disappeared from the moment I wear the Akaija. This has been reported 7 times already.
- Notwithstanding super-sleep sessions since the Akaija I have lots of energy.
- The Akaija protects me against to many stimuli from outside.
- My sensitivity for electro-static shock is practically gone.
- I never take it of again. My entire life I have had cold hands and feet, and now they’re normal.
- No chronic fatigue anymore.
- My son is no longer aggressive towards classmates.
- Warmth and tingling sensations through my lower arm.
- I am very sensitive, but I now feel much more grounded, like a deep rest in my system.
- She gives me lots of power to see things like I wish them to be.
- Lifelong insensitive spot on my back became much smaller.
- Blood pressure stabilized a lot.
- First old complaints re-surfaced again, one by one. Then all was gone.
- My children are more self-assured, more creative and joyful since wearing the Akaija.
- My son with severe back pain got weakly embrel-shots against the pain, with serious side effects. Since wearing the Akaija something has changed and his degenerated intervertebral started to regenerate. X-rays confirm this. The specialist said the shots now could be stopped. He can again climbs mountains, and even water-skiing is possible now. This is a miracle!
- I sooner know what’s good for me. The Akaija stimulates and supports me in a very powerful way in my spiritual growth and development.
- My life got into rapids.
- The Akaija seems to help to detox from e.g. medications, smoking or liquor, and in doing so it got copper coloured, even bright yellow, not only on the surface, but even the insides.
- Depressive people can react very emotionally to the Akaija, often showing more interest in what’s around them.
- I was addicted to the strongest painkillers and I’m now fully free of them, thanks to the Akaija.
- I had a bad blood circulation, and suddenly this is gone. My blood started pulsating, I literary felt its movement through my veins.
- My old mother is now more active and has more energy. It’s like magic!
- I can stand on one leg again. I couldn’t do this since, 3 years ago, when I broke my ankle.
- I have more energy for nice things.
- From the day I got the Akaija a turn-around started in my life.
- I take much better care for myself now.
- The schoolmarm told me that my very sensitive and fearful son (8 years) has become much more open, less shy and less fearful.
- I couldn’t sweat all my life, making me feel very stuffy and troubling me a lot. Since the Akaija all my shirts are soaking wet!

# Please note: chain is not included. This can be ordered separately, giving you a discount on the Akaija.


Solid golden Akaija

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