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Platinum Financial & Business Services is a unique Business Process Optimizer that works along with start-ups, small and medium businesses to sustain their growth. If you are lost and looking for a consultation on how to start a company, we help businesses at the formation level, from legal to accounting to traditional BPO services all the way through processes and logistics management to marketing, inventory and in some cases complete management of day to day business.

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Whether you’re looking to a start a company or looking for a consultation, Platinum is your ultimate answer for they offer a variety of corporate solutions that can put you and your business on the right track.

Our Services


In case you wish to improve financial planning for your company, we are happy to provide you with several options to get started right away. Our experts will assist with the selection of the best plan and strategy for your specific business.

Our Services

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Immediately identifying a problem and fixing it is our main goal. We strive for excellence at every step of the financial planning process and stay ahead of the game. This dedication is the price of success.

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Regardless of the difficulty of the job, or the unforgiving deadline, you can definitely rely on these guys. We greatly appreciate the quality performance and amazing consulting skills! “

James Collins

James Collins

Market Research

My primary goal was to find a team of talented people who would bring fresh ideas to our daily routine and who would make a positive change in the business and accounting system. “

Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith

Solutions Management

Thank you for all your professional help with our data! We wouldn’t be able to process all the statistics and numbers in time, and would surely lose tons of vital information! “

Nicole Morrison

Nicole Morrison

Data & Statistics
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